Consulting / Speaking

I would be happy to help your organization in the best of my ability. If you are interested in knowing more, please fill out this very short form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Here are a few examples of what you can contract me for:

  • NEW! Unconscious Biases & Inclusivity workshop/lecture: The human brain is plagued with cognitive and social biases that we mostly don’t realize exist. They unconsciously influence our decisions and influence us into making irrational (and detrimental) decisions. This lecture or workshop can be adapted to either be an introduction on unconscious biases and how they affect our life and workplace, or be more targeted to help organizations improve their diversity and inclusivity.
  • Game UX Lecture: at your company or a public event. It can be an introduction to Game UX and cognitive science, or target a more specific topic (usability, engage-ability, user research, human motivation, etc.).
  • Game UX Workshop (7 hours): covering how the brain works (overview of perception, attention, memory, motivation, and emotion) and offering an introduction to game UX, including how to concretely apply it to your studio or your project (this masterclass can be customized to your particular project).
  • Consulting work: I can for example help you build your UX strategy, or build your own user research lab (if you are an indie studio, I’ll find ways to allow you to develop user research practices with a low budget). I can also conduct a UX evaluation of your project and give your recommendations to improve it, given the experience you want to offer, the audience you are targeting, your constraints, and your business goals.

My main areas of expertise are:

  • Game User Experience
  • Cognitive Psychology applied to video game development, education, or at the workplace
  • “Gamification” (although I prefer to call this “playful learning”)
  • Unconscious Biases and their impact in our life (e.g. “fake news”) or workplace (e.g. diversity, inclusivity)

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